How Targeted Advertising Works

In modern society, it has become much easier to promote your product or service by talking about its properties, qualities and benefits of purchasing. But simple descriptions are not enough. Because without advertising the number of consumers will not grow. And word of mouth does not work fully. Therefore, for all platforms there is an excellent option. Targeted advertising, which does its job perfectly. It immediately carries an attractive picture and text that catches the eye.

What is targeted advertising? It is the display of small advertising videos, animations, pictures on various social networks, websites, applications or other platforms for all users, which carry all the information to attract potential customers.

Such advertising does not just appear, because it has its own parameters such as gender, age group, location, field of activity and much more. It is aimed like a target in order to accurately interest a person. This helps to select the target audience both broadly and specifically. Subsequently it displays advertising pictures and videos.

The target audience can be absolutely anyone. It depends on how you configure the display parameters. You can set up and manage all impressions yourself, which greatly simplifies your work.

How Targeted Advertising Works

Such advertising is based on collecting information about people. Users of any social networks help it with this. Also, when registering on any site, you agree to the collection of data. By filling out all the fields provided, you help targeting more narrowly offer advertising to you. This way all impressions will be provided only for you.

The Mechanism of Targeted Advertising

Firstly, during any registration, each person fills out at least minimal information about himself. Date of birth, gender, place of study, place of work, favorite films, books and much more. This data allows you to select categories of people for further advertising based on completed profiles. For example, is your birthday coming up and an advertisement with birthday discounts is starting to appear in a jewelry chain or restaurant? This means that targeting is working properly. It counted your date of birth and year. Therefore, it suggests something that might be interesting.

Secondly, the system is so smart that it analyzes your every behavior. You can leave a minimum of information on social networks. But clicking on links, watching some videos and posts also leaves a trail along which you can launch targeted advertising. Have you recently read different quotes from books? Now targeting can offer you a new app where these books are publicly available. Or an excellent bookstore with discounts on previously viewed books.

Before launching advertising, you need to decide which audience is your priority. After all, if you choose the right target audience, promoting your product or service will be more effective.

Types of Targeting 

Types of targeting are divided into six main groups that help set advertising in the right direction:

  1. Socio-demographic – includes age, gender, education, activities, hobbies and much more. This selection selects exclusively according to the parameters that you initially specified on the Internet;
  2. Geolocation targeting (geotargeting) includes the coverage radius of advertising. City, street, locality, general location. It is based on these parameters that advertisements will be displayed in the future. For example, the nearest coffee shops, clothing stores and much more;
  3. Behavioral targeting comes from user actions. That is, what links they followed, what sites they visited, what they recently viewed and purchased. Thus, advertising records all your transitions and displays ads based on this. For example, you recently looked at cars and advertising will suggest dealers or groups on social networks where vehicles are sold.
  4. User interests. Such targeting is based on values, opinions, and recent statements. This list also includes groups on social networks that a person subscribes to or views most often;
  5. The technical capabilities of the device a person uses. This item is exclusively for those who set up targeting. A phone or laptop with good characteristics allows you to more accurately configure targeted advertising and select the necessary parameters;
  6. Time targeting – allows you to set up advertising for a specific time. For example, in the evenings you might be shown advertisements for cinemas, restaurants or anything else you can do in the evenings. And in the morning or afternoon, shopping centers, the release of new music, and so on.

To display targeted advertising, you need to wisely choose social networks as a platform. Today there is no strict division by age groups in networks. So the same advertisement can be launched on several platforms at once, which significantly increases the effectiveness of impressions.

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Preparation Before the Big Launch

Before launching ads, you need careful preparation, which includes several points. First, you need to decide on the choice of advertising message: to make your brand popular, increase sales or increase the audience. Secondly, if possible, clearly define the target audience. Thirdly, conduct a maximum analysis of competitors and correct your mistakes, if any (you can also borrow some ideas). Fourthly, create an advertisement that will attract with its appearance. The target’s operating system depends on these points. Without proper preparation, the effectiveness of work can be zero, and then such advertising will bring neither profit nor a new audience.

Targeted advertising is not a magic bullet for everyone, as getting it right can take months. And the whole point is that over time it is necessary to analyze and narrow or expand the circle of the target audience. At the same time, you will have to spend money, which will ultimately help bring profit.

Targeted advertising is a complex tool that it is better to understand carefully right away. It helps to divide users by interests and provide advertising impressions based on them. All thanks to analysis and selection of the target audience. After all, with proper design, not only the audience, but also profits can increase. Such advertising is the most clickable and costs less on budget.

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